BOOGYMAN Born in New Zealand E-Juice 65/35 VG/PG
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BOOGYMAN Born in New Zealand E-Juice 65/35 VG/PG

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Not all flavours and nicotine levels available sometimes.

6 Flavours

30ml bottle

Frostbite-Winter comes and goes, but Frostbite sinks it's teeth in and wont let go. Dark, heavy berries have been paired with some ice to make it lighter. Two worlds collide.

Fug Sauce-Named after one of the beloved pets of our boss. Although the name sounds ugly, mango, tangerines and a shot of pomegranate sounds pretty beautiful... if you ask us!

Sand Man-Experience the refreshing zing of Summer! Bright berries and tangy limes all squeezed to make a lemonade flavour unlike any other.

Sweet As-Delve into the sinful bliss that is Sweet As! A tantalizing twist of juicy grape and sensational strawberry, all bursting with zingy sherbet.

Thunderhead-A delightful take on a classic confectionery. Blue raspberry and dark cherry come together in a chewy gummy bear candy.

Tropic Thunder-Close your windows and lock your doors, because Tropic Thunder is on the forecast. A triple threat of ripe tropical fruits will ensure that tomorrow will be clouding with a chance of epic flavour.

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