Calexotics DR. JOEL Erection Enhancing LASSO
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Calexotics DR. JOEL Erection Enhancing LASSO

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  • stretchy and comfortable
  • can fit any size penis
  • provides high tension when tightened but remains comfortable
  • opens up to fit around flaccid or rigid penis
  • can be used easily with vacuum pump before or after pumping
  • totally waterproof for function in and out of the water
  • made from thick latex rubber (WARNING - not for use if youor your partner have a latex allergy)
Simply loosen the toggle to widen the opening, stretch over the penis and/or pump and place it around the base of the penis (the size can be adjusted according to personal needs). Simple but very effective, the lasso helps to form a stronger and longer erection. 

The Dr Joel lasso is made of rubber and is safe with water based lubricants. Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water after each use.