Crush "Sugar Plum"
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Crush "Sugar Plum"

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Crush – Sugar Plum is a vibrator that offers accelerating levels of sensations. It combines sweet sensations with hot, intense sensual pleasures. The buildup is guaranteed to excite you all the way!

This aesthetically appealing vibrator is made of the finest materials guaranteed to offer you all-around comfort and convenience. Because it is made of silicone, inserting it will be easy. Likewise, you’ll be able to enjoy every kind of adult activity because this vibrator is durable.

What makes it an exciting choice, however, it its flexible silicone shaft. It is so flexible that it hugs the contours of your body; it sticks to your body, so it becomes like a part of you. You’ll reach 7th heaven in no time because this sweet-looking massager is actually naughty and can tickle even your farthest, most sensitive spots.

This velvety soft vibrator offers different levels of sensual pleasure, culminating in an intense release of satisfaction. With its pulsating pattern, you won’t miss a beat of all the sensual excitement.

Waterproof. Stylish and elegant. Pulsating pleasure and sensual satisfaction make this the best gift you can give yourself!

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