FLESHLIGHT GIRLS  Misty Stone - Bump-N-Grind
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FLESHLIGHT GIRLS Misty Stone - Bump-N-Grind

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Fleshlight Girls pussy Misty Stone, is the most famous male masturbator and more sold around the world, with 10 years and half a million units sold in the market also be the only product that has a patent to donate sperm fertilization in clinics.Replica of the vagina of the popular porn actress Misty Stone, known as the Halle Berry.Has an incredible softness, it is as if you were introducing your penis in a real vagina, of great quality and with a perfect size.Has a unique design and exclusive closed when it sees anyone if imaginaría that could be a male masturbator.The Journey Inside the masturbator is perfectly adapted to the penis to achieve a greater feeling of pleasure. Interior made with the Lotus texture, that creates the most realistic feeling vaginal sex possible. The Lotus begins by our smooth input channel and ultra close to happening after a slightly more width and comfortable, exactly like that in its human counterpart. An inverted node Hope a few centimetres more inside, enhancing the fantasy to simulate a subtle feeling of chafing with the cervix. As brooch of oro. four narrow cameras await you at the end of the filling of the sleeve, designed to provide the most intense sensations to the most sensitive part of your member. If you want to know what is having sex with the girl of your dreams, the Lotus is what more is it.Fleshlight is 100% safe and very easy to use and clean. Using Fleshlight with frequency, fortalecerás your erections and increase the strength of the penis, due to the training of the tissues of member. You will notice an improvement in just a few months.Includes a handy lid, to store and protect, once used. Adapts to all sizes of penis.Dare to discover the other side of the masturbation.

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