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JULY 2019
The Hash Queen
Mila Jansen entered the male-dominated world of cultivation and hashmaking and became a cannabis icon and world-renowned hash expert. Learn how Mila became the Hash Queen and forever changed the cannabis world. By Cassandra Purdy

A Beginner’s Guide to CBD
CBD is everywhere right now but how does it work? Can it really provide relief? Our guide breaks down everything you need to know about the ultra-popular cannabinoid and how it can help you. By Jessica Delfino

The Rebirth of Subcool
The man behind some of the world’s best cannabis genetics is back and better than ever. Get the inside story of the rise and fall of this legendary bud breeder and his dank triumphant comeback. By Danny Danko

Hydroponic Methods 
Growing hydroponically can lead to explosive growth rates and huge yields, as well as other benefits that come with cultivating cannabis without soil. Find out which hydro system and growing medium is right for you. By Thomas Valentine 

Expert Lighting Advice 
The right lighting can take your grow to the next level, increasing potency and yield. SANlight founder Martin Anker explains what to look for in a grow light and offers tips for a heavier, headier harvest. By Stoney Tark