Nood Enema Kit Black
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Nood Enema Kit Black

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Keep your body in tip-top sexual shape and ensure you're clean throughout with the use of an anal enema tool!

An anal enema is the process of using a jet of water aimed at an inside part of the body so that it can be washed. Done for both medial and hygienic reasons, douching ensures your insides are clean and stay as healthy as possible!

This unisex anal enema is made of a smooth Phthalates free material that is 100% body safe. It is the perfect tool for keeping your body healthy and ready to go no matter the lusty situation you may find yourself in or wanting to be in!

To use this enema, wash it in warm water. Then get fresh water and squeeze the bulb whilst partly submerged to intake water. Next, lubricate the tip and then slowly and gently insert the tip inside. Squeeze the water and the jet of water will clean the targeted area. Repeat the steps until the water comes out clean and clear.

Ensure a thorough wash is done once you have finished with the douche. Use liquid antibacterial soap and warm water to wash, then pat down with a towel. Let it air dry then store in a cool, dark and dry place once done.

Ensure lubricant is used to increase the safety of this process.

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