NSNovelties CRYSTAL Premium Glass
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NSNovelties CRYSTAL Premium Glass

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Enjoy the pleasures of backdoor stimulation with this 4 step trainer set from the Crystal Collection that gives you a gradual introduction to anal play.

Experience head-to-toe body tingles and thorough satisfaction with the NS Novelties Crystal Premium Pink Glass Dual-sided G-Spot Wand. Its dramatic curve seeks out your G-spot or P-spot with orgasmic ease, whilst its sleek rigid glass form treats you to firm, sensual massages. Take control of the beautiful glass probe with the easy-grip handle and insert the rigid, rounded tip with firm pressure for maximum gratification. Both ends are slender enough for beginners, but one is slightly girthier to allow for progression. Insert either end vaginally or anally with the curve pointing towards the front of your body to erotically massage your G-spot or P-spot. You'll love how the smooth surface feels as it rubs across your most sensitive spots.

Curved into super-smooth sturdiness that warms to body heat in a flash (and you'll be plenty warm when you pull this Crystal offering out!), this gorgeous double sided dildo in pink or black  glass is as versatile as it is ridiculously pleasurable. Tipped by a sexy sphere at one end and a filling swell at the other, the G-Spot Wand penetrates smoothly as it gently stretches and stimulates. Perfect for all manners of sweet-spot seeking, this ultra firm dildo is just the thing for g-spot or prostate massage and the natural weightiness is great for anyone seeking a nice full feeling. No matter which end you're enjoying (or helping your partner enjoy), the opposite lends a reliable grip for just-right thrusting, twisting and tugging. Aside from an extra slick temperature-receptive texture, glass is extremely hygienic. The G-Spot Wand can be safely boiled or bleached for total sterilization, but warm soapy water and a clean dry cloth works great for everyday clean-up. Pure and hypoallergenic, the Wand is compatible with any type of lubricant. Store carefully, and avoid abrasive surfaces that could scratch or chip the surface.