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White Sage is a sacred herb known to Native Americans. It is used in rituals and spiritual cleansing of people, places, or objects. Smudging as it is called can be done utilizing the entire white sage bundle or by using a leaf or two depending upon the space.

How to use this bundle:

1) Light the bundle or a leaf or two with a match or lighter. Some feel that it is better to use a match but feel free to go with what you feel is good for you.

2) Walk around the space, person, or object with the sage. This is called smudging. As you are doing so set your intent. This may help if you have a mantra that you chant while cleansing. Make one up! It's all about your intent. Your intent is to cleanse the space, rid it of negative energy, and in its place fill it with love, peace, happiness... i.e. You get the picture

3) Once you are doing smudging it is important to make sure that your sage is all the way extinguished. You can do this by dropping the leaflets in a shell bowl or clay bowl... something that will not burn or catch fire. If using the entire bundle of sage use the shell to dab the bundle until it is completely out.

4) Immediately after this is complete fill the space with something that makes you happy. The most common is lighting incense or candle that makes you feel happy. Something that takes you to your happy place, your childhood, brings back happy times. This is done to occupy the now cleansed space with positive energy that will attract more positive and loving energy. When you smudge and walk away, you leave the space open for any type of energy to occupy it. Remember that.