Geisha Balls
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Geisha Balls

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Your sexual wellness is important, and even more important is the possibility of reaching full pleasure - that's where the Geisha Balls come in, the Kegel trainer that will change your erotic life!

Pure female pleasure can only be achieved if you train your pelvic floor muscles, which are the muscles responsible in urinary continence that also help tighten the vagina.

Training through Kegels helps improve your orgasmic pleasure and intensity. These balls help do just that, stimulating and exciting the Pelvic Floor through soft vibrations via the weighted balls. The balls are interchangeable, giving you the opportunity to switch them out for heavier weights when you have gotten used to the included balls.

Located at the base of the toy is an easy grip looped handle to ensure safe retrieval of the balls.

To use, lubricate both yourself and the balls up. Insert slowly and then perform daily activities - the balls will help train you passively. Wash thoroughly once finished.