SATISFYERMEN Extra Sleeve "Lusty Tongues"
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SATISFYERMEN Extra Sleeve "Lusty Tongues"

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Get the classic feeling you love again and again. With the replacement sleeve for the Satisfyer Men Masturbator, you can be sure your toy is always fresh and ready to please!

Can be used without the case.


  • Replacement sleeve for Satisfyer Men Masturbator
  • Realistic, skin-like material

Care Instructions:

To clean the sleeve, remove it from the Satisfyer Men Masturbator and wash it with warm water and a mild soap. Dry the sleeve thoroughly with a lint-free cloth. To ensure that the material remains as supple as the first day you used it, after cleaning you should dust the insert with Satisfyer Men Renewing Powder. The nourishing effect of the powder will keep the material sensually soft.mbing life-like ribs that gently swallow you in.

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