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Svakom Emma Rechargeable Warming Wand. Colour; Plum Red

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Emma Women's Wand Massager has a replaceable rabbit ear shape head that offers you a different, dynamic and fresh way to play. By using rabbit ears on your nipples let you explore the passion codes in your heart. So it's time to be a sexy bunny girl tonight!

Gently tease your ears, neck and other sensitive areas feeling a slight sensations in your body. Separate rabbit ears,then gently clamp the nipple of breast.The vibration and contraction of ears bring slight tingling and numb feeling.Then bring ears together, slowly push them into your vagina.Strong vibration and pressure from expansion of rabbit ear come with pleasure at the same time.Your body can't help contracting,trembling and releasing passion finally.
Games of Two:
Turn on Emma and gently tap rabbit ears on your partner.It instantly stimulates thrill and excitement beyond words. Separate rabbit ears ,gently clamp them on his penis bringing another kind of passion with vibration and contraction pressure of rabbit ears.

Emma uses a powerful and high frequency vibration motor wrapped with soft body-safe silicone.  We could say it as "the perfect lover" in life that fulfills all your pleasure needs!

Available in purple and pink.

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