Satisfyer Glowing Ghost - White or Yellow Glow
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Satisfyer Glowing Ghost - White or Yellow Glow

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Satisfyer Glowing Ghost: The best vibrator for beginners

The Satisfyer Glowing Ghost is the perfect vibrator for everyone who has little to no experience with using vibrators or other love toys: With its cute design and compact size, this pressure wave vibrator won't scare away beginners. With its surface made of super soft, skin-friendly silicone, the opening of this Satisfyer air pulse vibrator gently embraces your clitoris and stimulates it with hot and touch-free pressure waves. Thanks to 11 different intensities, you decide for yourself how intense you want the stimulation to be. And for even more sexy goosebumps, this pleasure product features 12 additional vibration programs that you can combine with the pressure waves. The vibration feature can also be controlled independently, so you can also use the little ghost as a classic lay-on vibrator.

Satisfyer Glowing Ghost: Waterproof (IPX7) vibrator with fluorescent surface

The Satisfyer Glowing Ghost also comes with another very special feature: Thanks to a fluorescent silicone layer, this pressure wave vibrator glows in the dark – so it certainly won't get lost under the sheets.... In addition, the Satisfyer Glowing Ghost keeps haunting you (in a sexy way, of course!) under water: with a waterproof (IPX7) finish it will join you with pleasure under the shower or in the bathtub. And when the battery of this air pulse vibrator is empty, you don't have to worry that it will ghost you forever: Just recharge it with the included USB charging cable.

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