Wet Stuff Water Based Lubricant: Banana 100gm
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Wet Stuff Water Based Lubricant: Banana 100gm

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Wet Stuff is a long lasting personal lubricant safe for all parts of the body.

* Can be used to supplement your natural lubrication before or during sex.
* Safe for use with condoms and latex products.
* For extended use, always replace condom and lubricant every 30 minutes.
* Contains large quantities of nature's moisturiser, glycerine.
* As lubricant is combined with body moisture a mild warming occurs.
* Edible and pleasantly sweet to taste from the glycerine.
* Does not contain any sugar.
* Slippery - if spilled clean up immediately.
* Free from perfumes and oils.
* Non-Staining.
* Wash out of fabric in a normal cold wash.
* Hypo-Allergenic. Low irritant formulation

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